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Want To Be A Financial Planner?

By Michelle Ann Daygo

              Financial Literacy is an idea that is new to Filipinos. The idea of personal finance, investing, life insurance and the financial markets are somewhat always perceived with criticisms and is often associated with the word “scam”. This is due to Filipinos being deprived of the opportunities to learn about personal finance since this is not a subject mandatory taken as part of a curriculum in  most universities. That is why most wealthy Filipinos are invested in time deposits believing that their less than 1% interest will make them financially free. The good news is, with the improvement in our economy, more and more Filipinos are looking for ways to increase their savings and understand investments. More and more Filipinos are now becoming more open in understanding the benefits of having an insurance policy and  be introduced to different types of investments. As personal finance still being introduced in the academic world, the only way most Filipinos can get access to valuable information about achieving financial freedom is through the help of financial experts known to be financial advisers, personal finance coaches or financial planner. These experts are normally licensed by the government as insurance advisers, investment company representatives, stock brokers, real estate brokers, and others and are often connected with big financial institutions in the country offering different investment products.

             The more good news is that Philippines is slowly becoming more aligned with the standards of financial advisory services offered in most developed countries such as The United States of America, The United Kingdom, some European countries and some developed Asian economies such as Singapore and HongKong. In the Philippines, one of the most earliest and respected institution to standardize financial planning practice is The Registered Financial Planners Philippines or RFP, Philippines. This institution is the counterpart of the Certified Financial Planners in the United States who trains financial planners with the different skills and knowledge in financial planning services. Most of the so-called financial coaches or financial planners are paid to help individuals  to understand important matters of their personal finance and most importantly create a plant to achieve financial freedom. Since practically, the effect of getting a personal financial plan created is to increase client’s money in their pockets. Therefore, the job of a financial planner is mostly monetarily compensated and that makes a financial planner one of the most important jobs there is in the country and right now is the time to be involved in such a career as the Philippine economy demands more from these financial planners since mostly every Filipinos want to be rich as they say, but I’d say financially free since everyone can be rich but doesn’t have financial freedom.

            To understand how exciting it is to become a financial planner as helping each Filipinos achieve financial freedom is the greatest reward a financial planner normally sought for, it also comes with  a good paycheck. Here’s how financial planners are paid in other countries.

             I did not include Philippines in the list since I’d like to put some excitement in this article. I therefore suggest you go and see for yourself. If you are struggling in your finances, who knows? You might get a good financial planner for free! Filipinos are known to be charitable and most financial planners can be your financial saints.

I inserted a link to related article from CNN