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Wealthcare Philippines provides assistance in making Filipinos aware of their own personal financial standing. Understanding ones financial strengths and weaknesses can definitely help in unleashing ones individual financial potential. Creating a comprehensive financial plan provides one with a tool to understand the specifics of ones assets and resources and how to qualitatively protect and grow these assets and resources to secure a financially independent future.


Personal Financial Plan

A personal financial plan helps you determine your current financial status and define your financial goals. It provides a roadmap of your financial objectives and the different ways and options in achieving them. It gives you a view of where you are right now financially and how you could achieve a financially better position in the future. For the financial planning process to progress successfully, shifting circumstances must be factored in. The financial plan needs to be reviewed from time to time especially when personal or financial events occur to determine if the goals are affected or if there is a need to modify your financial blueprint. Shifting events such as a change in career or marital status are examples of important events that can significantly affect your financial plan.


Corporate Financial Workshop

A corporate financial workshop provides your organization or institution with a more practical approach to providing your employees with the basic tools to improve their financial management skills on a personal level. Being able to address the financial literacy needs of the members of your organizations or institutions can definitely improve the overall productivity of the company as well. We firmly believe that an employee who does not worry about any accumulated debts, bills to shrink their paycheck and a dim retirement is a peaceful, happy and productive employee as well. The aim of our corporate financial workshop is to educate your employees on the importance of proper cashflow management, saving, and investing for their future. The workshop includes a free financial check-up where each employees will have the opportunity to analyze their own financial resources and needs and identify suitable products and tools to achieve their financial goals depending on individual’s financial profile.


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