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How Mutual Funds turned me into a millionaire in 5 years

Brighter Life Philippines

BL_mutualfundsI was 30 years old then and had been working in the corporate world for 9 years when a friend of mine asked me if I had any savings.  I told him that I had a savings account and a time deposit amounting to no more than Php300,000 combined.  He was surprised to hear that after spending 9 years in the corporate world, a middle level manager like me, with no dependents, would only have that amount of money.  And so he started to lecture me about the need to invest.  This friend of mine was just a couple of years older than I was but he told me that he had accumulated millions over the years he’s been investing in stocks.

This got me thinking. I wanted to start investing right then and there but I didn’t understand stocks and I was afraid of the risks associated with stock…

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